Hello Pattern Bathroom Wall Sticker Paper Washroom Apartment Decor – 17.7″x3.2″(L*W) (17.7″x3.2″(L*W))


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Hello Pattern Bathroom Wall Sticker Paper Washroom Apartment Decor – 17.7″x3.2″(L*W) (17.7″x3.2″(L*W)). Size and Quantity: Package Include: 1 pcs bathroom sticker. Total size: 45x8cm / 17.7″x3.2″(L*W); Delicate decor your bathroom a refreshing look, make great impression Easy Install: Easy to apply, removable, reusable without leaving any residue, look like they were painted Application : Making application to any smooth or medium textured both fast and easy such as walls, furniture, accessories, tiles, mirrors and windows. NOT suitable for rough, textured s Environmentally Friendly: Made of PVC materials. Easy to clean, durable, pressure resistance, shock resistance, moisture resistance. Create hand paint effect on your wall Widely Using: Perfect for bathrooms, washroom, restroom, windows, mirrors, stairs, sinks, as well as dorm rooms, business offices, workspaces, gyms, and restaurants The bathroom wall sticker to remind guests to guide your customers to your restroom location. Using text and graphics, it provides clear identification for anyone, looks great with your other decorations, and helps keep your bathroom clean. It can be applied to any smooth, clean and dry of walls, tiles, glass, furniture, etc., not suitable for a dirty or rough . NOT put it on a bumpy, dirty, wet , or the sticker will fall off. It is easier to work with when the sticker is flat. So please use hard flat things to lay on it to flat. No tools needed. Use hand to secure into place. You can play with unlimited creativity and freely DIY arrange the shapes and positions. You can use scissors to cut the patterns separately. When cutting, be careful not to break the patterns. Installation Steps: 1. Clean and dry the 2. Peel off the sticker from the backing sheet carefully 3. Apply to the as you want 4. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles Reminds: 1.If the is relatively smooth, best to dry the before paste, for easier to paste and flattening better. 2. For the larger pattern stickers, there may be a little bubble, then use a card to remove the bubbles or needle puncture the small bubbles, will not affect the overall paste effect. 3. If the wall is damp, aging or just painted, it may cause the wall to peel off. Use the hairdryer or volatilize for a while. 4. If the stickers are not pasted well on your wall, please use the hairdryer to blow it before you paste it. 5. If you accidentally put the wall sticker in the wrong position, gently pry off and re-paste it. The product can be reused, as long as it is not torn.