Lightdot LED Bright Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp Color Changing – Multi Color (Multi Color)


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Lightdot LED Bright Modern Torchiere Floor Lamp Color Changing – Multi Color (Multi Color). Features: Super Bright and RGBW Change LED floor lamp has ever-changing color scenes to create the various atmosphere you want. You can choose 6 colors (Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange) to adapt daily illumination demands, occasional party moments, Christmas celebration and so on. Simultaneously, 3 selectable color modes(holiday or mode, and speed) create multiple scenes with romance or carnival. Customizable Brightness Color Temperature 24W power can provide a maximum of 2880 lm. You can adjust the brightness to meet your work or study or sleep needs. Specific setting of color temperature from 2800K-5000K or fine-turning(making it warmer or cooler) is all okay. Warm white can bring you a sweet night, while cool white can help you focus on working, reading, sewing, etc IR Remote Control Touch Control The IR remote control includes any operation of the floor lamp brightness and color temperature adjustment, RGB color and mode switching, which helps you achieve a convenient Non-contact operation. There are also 2 push buttons on the lamp body for a simple adjustment. Adjustable Headlight Stable BaseThe headlight of the LED floor lamp can be adjusted 90 in a vertical direction. More light projection effects can be achieved under the same brightness. A stable metal base prevents accidental dumping, taking into account the children and pets playing in your home.