Paint Crayons 12 Piece Painting Kits and Washable Face Paints for Kids (Multi-Color)


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Paint Crayons 12 Piece Painting Kits and Washable Face Paints for Kids (Multi-Color). Description: These crayons are water-based lipstick-like crayons that are specially made soft and safe. Unlike markers, this is a great no-mess face coloring for children and adults, professional face painters, or beginners. By using these painting crayons you will marvel at the bright colors in your face painting, then you will say that it’s like painting with a rainbow. You don’t have to be an artist or pro face painter to give your children hours to creative fun with their faces. This face painting kit is ideal for many uses including school, church, festivals, carnivals, birthday parties, temporary tattoo, cosplay, costume, sports, theater performances, role play, makeup, unicorn, or any fictitious superhero type character Halloween. You can paint freely to make face or body colorful and special, and if you want to remove the painting using nothing more than plain water and soap, no special soap or detergent needed. It is also a perfect gift for all ages includes boys, girls, and adults like mom dad, etc. Apply and wash off for children’s birthday face paints party, festival kids fancy dress costume themed parties, and more. Features: Because these face painting crayons come in 12 different vivid colors. You’ll be able to paint all kinds of different things from cartoon characters to superheroes and mystical creatures on your body or face. This is great for you because now you aren’t limited to going to Halloween stores to buy expensive sets that only come with a small palette selection, with these paint crayons only your imagination is the limit! Our face painting kit has an adjustable, twistable design. What that really means to you is you’ll have better face paintings, and that ultimately means you’ll put smiles on faces be the life of the party! The problem with other face painting kits is that the colors can stain your skin and are difficult to wash off. Never suffer a stubborn color that won’t come off again! Our professional face painting kits are ASTMD-4236 certified, Paraben-Free, dermatologist tested and ingredient approved.