Pellon Craft-Fuse 20-inch x 10-yard Iron-On Fusible Stabilizer (Iron-on craft backing)


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Pellon Craft-Fuse 20-inch x 10-yard Iron-On Fusible Stabilizer (Iron-on craft backing). Layer your quilts, tote bags, and other items with this fusible stabilizer. Iron-on application gives this stablizer reliable adhesion without painstaking needlework, while its sturdy polyester material gives enhanced strength and body to your fabric creations. This stablizer’s machine-washable construction allows worry-free cleaning for your finished projects. Add body and strength to fabrics with eyeglass cases, tote bags, hat brims, visors, soft luggage Create fabric flowers, ornaments, soft books, advent calendars, toys, etc. Can be used in a wide range of home decorating projects, including wall hangings, closet organizers, bed caddies, kitchen accessories, placemats, table runners and coasters For areas that require extra rigidity, use two layers Always pre-test product and pre-wash fabrics Materials: 10-percent rayon, 90-percent polyester Color: White Dimensions: 20 inches wide x 10 yards long Place shiny adhesive side of Craft Fuse against wrong side of fabric Use a hot, dry iron, a gliding action and slight pressure to iron Craft Fuse to fabric For large areas, start ironing in the middle of the piece and work out toward the edges Machine wash warm Tumble dry low Use warm iron