UGears Aviator 3D Wooden Model (Brown)


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UGears Aviator 3D Wooden Model (Brown). The sky is no limit with the UGears Aviator. Take to the skies like never before with this meticulously detailed mechanical model that comes with a controllable flight control tower module to connect and propel your choice of a helicopter or an airplane. Put yourself in the pilot’s seat and relive Lindbergh’s nonstop, trans-Atlantic flight in the Spirit of St. Louis or be the local news-eye in the sky chopper reporting on the goings-on below. Whatever your flight fantasy, the Aviator is sure to bring you hours of entertainment in construction and operation. The flight control tower is your hub of operations and command center. It runs the motor controller that adjusts the revolutions per minute, setting the velocity of your selected aircraft. Two control bars, one resembling a joystick and the other a lever switch, are responsible for the roll and pitch of your connected craft. Helicopter We recommend starting with the helicopter, which is generally easier to control. You will appreciate the level of detail and precision of your chopper. It includes a three-bladed main rotor, tail rotor and a cockpit door that opens and closes. This amazing model replicates every feature of this rotary-wing aircraft, right down to the masts and hubs for each rotor. The realistic, mechanical operation comes complete with an independent motion from each rotor. You’ll have no trouble imagining a covert rescue mission or delivering much-needed supplies to remote environs in your chopper. Airplane The airplane is modeled after a biplane, with two main wings stacked on one another. It contains a rotating propeller on the nose. Reminiscent of the aircraft that began the pioneer era of aviation, the plane has a five-piston motor. This enables faster motion than that of the copter but also requires more hours of practice for successful launch up and away into the wild, blue yonder. Control your Flight Once the assembly of all three units is complete, you’re ready to take flight. To launch your model aircraft, hold on to the flight control column while releasing the lock of the motor controller. Manipulate the controls to vary the revolution speed and the vertical and horizontal angles of rotation. Construction Each Aviator model is made of environmentally friendly, high-quality plywood so you can feel confident about buying sustainable products that won’t harm the earth. Each of the over 700 pieces is intricately crafted and laser-cut for precise fit, careful attention to detail and smooth mechanical operation. This high-quality model kit is designed for hours of entertainment as you assemble it and learn to master control of the attached copter or plane. Each set comes with comprehensive instructions in a colorful, easy-to-read manual. Geared towards DIY enthusiasts and modeling fans alike, the UGears Aviator kit will bring not only hours of fun but also a deep appreciation for mechanical design. Aviator is the first model aircraft from UGears Bars of the flight control tower regulate the speed and rolls Contains three modules: airplane, helicopter and tower Control tower works with two control rods Engine controller to adjust RPM sets the speed of the aircraft Self-assembly, no glue required. Best gift idea for Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas etc. Bundle Includes UGears Aviator 3D Wooden Model